Board of Education
Chairman Dr Chan, Albert Kam Ming
Training Officer Dr Wong, Man Kin Henry
Members Prof Cheung, Chi Wai (Ex-offico)
Dr Chan, Simon (Ex-offico)
Prof Chan, Matthew (Ex-offico)
Dr Chee, Yee Eot
Dr Cheung, Po Wa
Dr Chung, Pui Wah Febbie
Dr Chu, Ming Chi
Dr Koo, Chi Hung
Dr Khu, Kin-fai
Dr Lai, Tsun Yin Jason
Dr Lam, Desmond
Dr Lee, Chak Lam Keith
Dr Lee, Pui Yew Steffie
Dr Lee, Tsun Woon
Dr Leung, Ka Ming Loretta
Dr Leung, Kit Hung Anne
Dr Leung, Wang Ho Wesley
Dr Low, John M
Dr Pang, Ka Man Carmen
Prof Lui, Joseph
Dr So, Dominic
Dr Tsui, Siu Lun (Ex-offico)
Dr Wong, Stanley
Dr Yim, Ling Hay Rebecca

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Fellowship in Pain Medicine

A new e-Portfolio System (EPS) is launched for the new curriculum ( During the transition period, the old and new systems run in parallel. Here are some tips for SOT in using the EPS

  1. New EPS is for trainees admitted after 1 July 2018 ONLY. This applies to BOTH anaesthesia and ICU trainees
  2. ALL operations for trainees before 1 July 2018 stays in the old system. These include eLogbook checking, in-training assessments and signing off vocational training
  3. Please setup an account for trainees admitted after 1 July 2018 within the new EPS
    1. Login with SOT account
    2. Go to “Logbook” on the title bar, then e-Logbook
    3. Click “Trainee Management” on the title bar, then add new trainees as usual
    4. Use trainees’ EMAIL ADDRESS as their login ID
    5. Check the box “Active” to activate the trainee’s account

Tips for HKCA fellows in using the EPS

  1. The login ID and password are the same as the ones you use for College website login. If you forgot your password, please follow the instructions to reset the password
  2. If you haven’t ever had an account, please contact Board of Education and provide your FULL NAME, we will setup an account for you.