The eLogBook is a web-based logbook which was officially launched since 1st July 2004 and was updated in October 2005. It is designed to assist the trainees to keep a record of the clinical cases and skills they have exposed. On using the eLogBook:

  • Ask the SOT of your hospital for the user ID and password
  • For trainees currently rotated to other hospital, you have to ask the SOT of your parent hospital to create the account for you
  • The SOT of parent hospital can change the setting of their trainees. Inform your parent hospital SOT to change the current hospital setting in the eLogBook after you have rotated to other hospital
  • The data may be extracted for audit, research and educational purposes
  • FAQ for trainee and SOT is available online under the Help submenu

Click here to access eLogBook. User guide on how to add shortcut onto your smartphone home screen can be downloaded here.

For trainees admitted after 1 July 2018, click here to access a new e-portfolio and e-logbook system.

Trainees please note:

Please inform the College Secretariat if you have attended course(s) relevant to your anaesthesia and/or intensive care training and is not recorded in your eTraining Portfolio 4 weeks after your have attended the course(s).

You must enter your training experience immediately before or after you have finished your rotation every year. The Board of Education will conduct regular and random checking of the information related to your training in your eTraining Portfolio.

SOTs & Trainees please note:

Modifications have been made on the e-logbook:
1. Change module name "Obs Regional Analgesia" to "Obs Regional for Labour Analgesia
2. Restrict to enter case for module "Paediatric (<=6 years)" if age > 6
(updated on 12 Sep 2012)

In a recent combined meeting between the Board of Education and the Board of Accreditation, it was noted that some trainees have not entered cases that he/she has done in a timely manner. The summary statistics therefore did not truly reflect his/her training experience and certain subspecialty experience that he/she is still lacking. It was therefore agreed by both Boards and subsequently endorsed by the Council of the HKCA that the following modifications to the current eLogBook system will be made to facilitate trainees to have an up-to-date training statistics in the eLogbook. Trainees are not able to add cases whose operation date is greater than 2 years from the day of data entry without any exception. However, he/she will be allowed to modify the subspecialties of all cases previously entered irrespective of the date of operation.