Members and Fellows:
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Applications Forms
  • HKCA Membership

  • Fellowship Application Forms
  • Anaesthesiology & Training Statistics Form
  • Intensive Care
  • Pain Medicine

  • Vocational Training Application Forms
  • Registration as vocational trainee in anaesthesiology or intensive care
  • Approved Vocational Training Form (to be completed by trainees and return to College annually)
  • Registration as a Vocational Trainee for Diploma in Pain Management

  • Fellowship Examination Forms
  • Intermediate Fellowship Examination
  • Final Fellowship Examination
  • Examination in Diploma in Pain Management

  • Formal Project
  • Formal Project Application Form

  • Exit Assessment
  • Fellowship Application Form
  • Training statistics Form (for exit assessment starting in January 2008)

  • Change of mailing address
  • Members and fellows should inform Hon Secretary. HKAM fellows should also write to the HKAM for change of address. Hon Secretary can forward the letter, but fellows must write specifically to HKAM. HKAM requires its fellows to use the same mailing address as the one registered with the Hong Kong Medical Council.
  • Annual Subscriptions for Senior Members and Fellows
  • The annual subscription would be waived for fellows and members aged over 65 or for those who have declared retirement (irrespective of age). The waiving of subscription will start in the following financial year after the fellow/member had attained aged 65 or over or after the retirement application received by the College secretariat. To declare retirement, a written declaration from the applicant confirming that he/she had retired from all remunerative practice/job/business in or outside Hong Kong. Should you have any questions about the subscription, please contact the College at
  • Overseas members and fellows (College Bye-Law 2.8.0)
  • Members or fellows who intend to stay overseas for one year or more can apply to Hon Secretary to become overseas members or fellows. An overseas mailing address must be supplied. Overseas members and fellows will pay one quarter of the annual subscription fee, which will be effective from 1 January of the following year. Overseas members and fellows who return to Hong Kong for more than 3 months must apply to Hon Secretary to become local members or fellows, and pay the full annual subscription for that year. Only selected College correspondence is sent to overseas members and fellows.
  • CME programme for Fellows residing overseas
    • Council approved the following CME guidelines for fellows residing overseas. Overseas fellows can fulfill CME requirements by either:
      i) joining the CME programme of an overseas College/ Organization accredited by our College. The CME points are accredited with an equivalent fraction of CME points to the Hong Kong College. For instance, if an overseas College requires a minimum of 500 points a year and a fellow has accumulated 100 points under that system, then one fifth of the HKCA annual CME points, i.e. six points, will be awarded. Or
      ii) participating in any College approved overseas Postgraduate Meetings, or self-study programme.
      The above guidelines will be effective from 1st January,1998.
  • Readmission to Membership and Fellowship
    • Council may consider application from ex-members and ex-fellows for readmission to membership and fellowship. Articles of Association 5.3 states that "on readmission to membership a registration fee shall be payable". Council resolved that the registration fee
      i) for membership admission will be the joining fee ($2,200 at 1997) and
      ii) for fellowship admission will be the joining fee ($2,200 at 1997) plus the fellowship fee ($2,500 at 1997).
      Under Article 5.2, members and fellows who wish to restore their membership or fellowship must also pay all their outstanding debts including outstanding membership and fellowship subscriptions.
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
  • HKCA fellows can apply to the College for nomination as a fellow of HKAM. Fellows accepted by HKAM will be required to pay entrance fees and annual subscription fees to HKAM. Both FHKCA and FHKAM (Anaesthesiology) are quotable medical qualifications approved by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine: Bylaws 1-8 on membership and fellowship
  • Enquiry: The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong (Tel 28718888).
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine: Notes on Annual Subscriptions
    1. Except for Fellows aged over 65, all applications for reduced rate will be considered only upon formal request.
    2. Age will be counted to 31st of December of the current year.
    3. Application for overseas subscription rate must be accompanied by independent supportive documents (e.g. landing proof, utilities bills, employment certifications, certification by the applicant's parent College) showing that the applicant has been residing outside Hong Kong for a consecutive period over 2 years.
    4. All reduced rates will be effective from the next subscription year after approval of application.
    5. All subscriptions will be subject to a surcharge of 5% if settled after 30th June of the subscription year.