List of Approved Publications as at 1 November 2000


All publications indexed by Index Medicus or included in Medicine will be accepted as pre-approved. All other publications must receive approval from the CME sub-committee before scientific papers published in them are accepted for CME accreditation.

Examples of pre-approved indexed journals include

Anaesthesia/Intensive Care/Pain Medicine:
  1. Acta Anaesth. Scand.
  2. Anaesth. Intens. Care
  3. Anaesthesia
  4. Anaesthetist
  5. Anast. Intesivmed
  6. Anesth. Analg.
  7. Anesthesiology
  8. Ann. Fr. Anesth.
  9. Brit. J. Anaesth.
  10. Can. J. Anaesth.
  11. Critical Care Medicine
  12. Eur. J. Anaesth
  13. Int. Anesthesiol. Clin.
  14. Pain
  15. J American Pain Society
  16. J. Neurosurg. Anesth.
  17. J of Pain and Symptom Management
  18. Region Anesth Pain Med.
  1. British Medical Journal
  2. Hong Kong Medical Journal
  3. JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association
  4. Lancet
  5. New England Journal of Medicine