Chairman Dr CHAN Yau-wai
Adviser Dr SO Hing Yu
Deputy Chairman Dr CHOW Yu Fat
Members Dr CHAN Choi Hung Stanley
Dr CHAN Kai Man
Dr CHEE Yee-eot
Dr CHENG King Lik
Dr CHOI Gordon
Dr CHOY Chung Ming Eric
Dr KHU Kin Fai
Dr KWAN Gladys
Dr SHIU Ying Fung Jennifer
Dr TSE Kin Chung
Dr TSUI Sin Yui Cindy
Dr YANG Li Chuan Marc
Dr YIM Kin Ming

Terms of Reference of Echocardiography Committee


Curriculum on Echocardiography

A newly established curriculum on Echocardiography submitted by echocardiography committee was approved by the Council on 11 August 2014.


Echocardiography Preceptorship

With sincere gratitude to Ruttonjee Hospital, 8 Echocardiography Preceptorship Courses have been held at Echo laboratory at Ruttonjee Hospital in the past years :
1. December 2013 – basic level (3 quota)
2. March 2014 - basic level (3 quota)
3. October 2014 - basic level (3 quota)
4. March 2015 - basic level (3 quota)(br> 5. July 2015 - basic level (4 quota)
6. February 2016 - basic lever (4 quota)
7. July 2016 – intermediate level (4 quota)
8. January 2017 – intermediate level (4 quota)

There shall be more to come and please keep a close eye on the notification e-mail from the College.

Echocardiography Workshop

Three echo workshops will be arranged on 13 May 2017, 14 October 2017 and 3 February 2018. Please check them out with the NTEC Simulation and Training Centre in due course.

E-learning on echocardiography

Lesson 1 : Knobology (09:31)
Lesson 2 : Ventricular Function and Fluid Status (20:21)
Lesson 3 : Valvular Diseases (30:41)
Lesson 4 : Cardiac Emergency (04:53)
Lesson 5 : Shock (14:59)

E-survey on echocardiography

The Committee has performed a survey in mid year of 2013 in order to provide the College an anaesthesiological perspective of employing echocardiography in our daily practice. We had received feedbacks from over one hundred fellows and members and they were very positive in supporting the organisation of echo workshops and clinical attachments by the College. (survey summary)